Residential Moving

Precision offer full relocation services, locally, nationally and overseas. When you choose Precision, you are choosing a reliable, friendly, professional and stress free removal.

Our staff are trained in every aspect of the removal and storage industry and we are known for our helpful and hard working attitude.

At Precision, we understand the stressful nature of moving house and our office and fully trained operational staff are here to assist with every step of that process.

  1. On contacting Precision you would be assigned a Move Manager who would input your details into our moving system, listen to you requirement and assign an estimator for your removal. Once a date as been agreed to carry out a free home survey, our estimator will visit you, discuss your removal and the services we can offer. We will then forward a fully prepared, straight forward quote to you, detailing our prices for the services you have requested.

  2. In certain circumstances, we understand that it may not always be possible to complete a home survey. Due to our experience and knowledge of the removal and storage industry, we may be able to provide you with a quotation over the phone and then forward a fully prepared quote to you.
  3. On booking Precision for your move, your move manager would assign one of our moving crews and the appropriate vehicle for your removal day, on our moving system. At this point, we would organise any parking for the move day and book in a date for delivery of packing boxes and packing materials, if you choose a self pack.
  4. On the moving day, our move foreman would introduce himself and the moving crew to you. The moving crew would then begin the removal or packing service, if a packing service was requested, taking particular note of any instructions you have issued or that is on their removal crewsheet. While in transit or in storage, all furniture and belongings are protected using sofa covers, mattress covers and removal blankets. Hanging wardrobes are provided for movement of clothes. Beds and other furniture, where necessary, will dismantled by our moving crew.
  5. On arrival at your new property, the moving crew will place all furniture and boxes in the correct rooms or positions according to your direction or plan and re assemble any beds and furniture that was dismantled. The move foreman will double check that you are satisfied with your removal and the placement of all of your belongings and would simply ask you to sign the removal crewsheet, to acknowledge you are happy with your move.

It is Precision’s full intention to keep the whole process as stress free and simple as possible.



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